Does a Peter Bjorn & John "Young Folks Remixed" album really exist? Witchita Recordings says it does. It might explain some of the below remixes. Click "here" to get the MP3s....

PB&J remixed...
* Let's Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix) (here)
* Let's Call It Off (JD Twitch's Optimo Remix) (here)
* Young Cats (PB & J vs The Cure) (here)
* Young Folks (Tomas Anderson remix) (here)
* Young Folks (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Re-animation) (here)
* Young Folks (Punks Jump Up Special Disco Mix) (here)
* Young Folks (Punks Jump Up Special Disco Remix #2) [on 'Lets Call it Off' single]
* All Those Expectations (weak remix) [on 'Young Folks' single] [SEE ABOVE]
* Tail or Made (Upperkut remix) [on 'Tailormade' single]

any more?

Peter Bjorn & John play Mercury Lounge in January.

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