Former Walkmen bassist Peter Matthew Bauer has announced Flowers, his first full-length album in nearly five years, which will be out September 23 via Fortune Tellers Music. He made the album with his former bandmate, Walkmen drummer Matt Barrick, who co-produced and collaborated on nearly every song.

“I had been really obsessed about doing everything on my own at home at first," Peter says. "I was using a lot of samples for drums and then playing everything else as I could to put the music together. Then, I realized I had a song where it would be fun to ask Matt to play really fast and heavy again like he used to years ago. We started calling it 'sports drumming.' Anyways, once we had that, we hit this natural thing where we saw it through to the end.”

You can get a preview of the album now with "Knife Fighter," its opening track. "It lays out the language of what’s to come," Peter says. "It’s about a lot of things but definitely about superstition and influence and where you come from. It speaks to a lot of important pieces of music for me and to the crazy belief systems you create for yourself when you’re making art. I’ll find myself staring out the window and noticing things like a crow in the street and taking it as an omen. Or imagining an angelic form of a song on the other side of a mirror. Things I would never allow myself to consider in my everyday life."

Peter also says, "I started writing it at the Christmas mass at my kids’ school. I guess I was thinking about what it was like growing up when it feels like the end of time. I finished it a month later in Philadelphia with Matt Barrick at his studio Silent Partner. In all the bands and projects we've done together, Matt has been asked to play a variation of this spacey kind of reggae beat dozens of times. To me, this is his number one version."

Listen to "Knife Fighter" below.

attachment-peter matthew bauer - flowers

01. Knife Fighter
02. Skulls
03. Flowers
04. Miracles
05. 21st Century Station
06. Mountains on Mountains
07. East
08. Ghost
09. Chiyoda, Arkansas, Manila

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