The Antlers have still yet to follow 2014's excellent Familiars, but frontman Peter Silberman is working on a solo album. Consequence of Sound reports that he talked about it at his recent show at Trans-Pecos: "These songs were written with some very good friends. We finished the record, but it’s not coming out for a while," he said. As that review also points out, most of the set was new songs, including one that had a partial cover of Elvis' "Can't Help Falling In Love" during the outro. He also played a few Antlers songs, covered The Flaming Lips' "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate," and brought out Darkside guitarist Dave Harrington (who opened the show) for the final song. It was his first solo show since 2009, but as he said on stage, that show "barely counted" and his last real solo show was in 2007. Here's how CoS described the new songs:

A slew of new songs followed — most of which were directed at an ambiguous close friend or ex-lover — that saw him plucking notes on electric guitar with gentleness, occasionally strumming chords timidly. Silberman never spits his lyrics. There’s no venom or remorse despite the bitterness, desperation, and fatigue rooted in the lines. The endings of words remain rounded, each “s” or “ch” coming out of his mouth as if caught in a bubble.

... Every song was the same tepid tempo, the same contemplative plucking, the same inner self pulling words from his tongue. There comes a point in life where melancholy loses its romanticism and life distances itself from constant shadows.

Peter has another solo show coming up at Trans-Pecos on September 19. This one's with Dave Harrington once again, plus Tim Mislock, who has played with The Antlers and is now in the Hedwig band, and guitar great Kaki King. That's a very cool bill all around. Here's the poster:

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