Peter Steele

No official statement has been issued, and Pete is known for faking his own death, but Blabbermouth points out that...

Mistress Juliya of Fuse TV wrote on her Twitter page earlier tonight that she spoke to TYPE O NEGATIVE guitarist Kenny Hickey just before midnight New York time, and that Kenny confirmed that the rumors were true.

Revolver magazine's editor-in-chief Brandon Geist also posted on Twitter that he has heard reports of Steele's passing. "Hoping [the rumors] are not true, but the source is good," he wrote.

The rumor is that it was heart failure. Hopefully it's not true.

UPDATES: Type O keyboardist Josh Silver confirms the news to Blabbmermouth. Type O Negative's official website says to "expect statements from the band and family later today"

Official statements have been released.

Life of Agony's Alan Robert, tweeted that he "Woke up to the news that Pete Steele died. Horrible. Seemed like he was finally getting himself together, too. It's a real shame. RIP brotha", and that "It's a sad, sad day. Damn."

RIP Pete! A selection of videos (that I'm sure Pete would approve of), now slightly updated too, below....

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