Pg.99/Pygmy Lush vocalist Chris Taylor and guitarist Mike Taylor, ex-City of Caterpillar bassist Adam Juersko, and Iron Reagan/ex-Darkest Hour drummer Ryan Parrish have come together to form the new noisecore band Terminal Bliss, whose first release is a two-song single for Relapse.

"For us, being signed to Relapse is an absolute honor," the band says. "We've all devoured Relapse bands all the way back into the mid '90s with releases from Neurosis, Benümb, Human Remains, Disrupt, Enemy Soil, Pig Destroyer, and on and on. Being very aware of their continuous contribution to extremely heavy and intense music for three decades opens the creative floodgates for us to explore some completely 'out there' unhinged punk mayhem. We're thrilled to move forward with Relapse as purveyors of our noise."

Chris Taylor adds, "We've all orbited each other's bands forever. It's been going on twenty years since I met Ryan -- we used to live together. So, we've been in and out of each other's circles forever."

The band name was inspired by American consumerism and environmental destruction, as Taylor explains: "It's very literal, and very emblematic of us as a culture and a country. Bliss, joy, indulgence at all costs - even if it's gonna kill us." The band's Bandcamp also reads:



Terminal Bliss held their first practice on January 14, 2020, and they recorded their debut two-song single in February with Majority Rule/NØ MAN's Matt Michel and had it mastered by From Ashes Rise's Brad Boatright. They're both harsh, raw, and total scorchers, and they've got us very excited to hear more from this band. Listen below.


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