Vienna's Phal:Angst have a sound that's part post-rock, part industrial, and part metal, the kind of thing that may appeal to fans of Justin Broadrick, who -- between his work in both Godflesh and Jesu -- covers all three of those same grounds. And in fact, Phal:Angst's 2018 album Phase IV came with a remix by Justin Broadrick under his JK Flesh moniker.

Fast forward a few months, and another great genre-defying industrial musician, Will Brooks of Dälek, has remixed "Despair II" from that album. We're premiering the remix, along with its video. Here's what the band says about both:


The original song is a sequel to the song from our second album "Shiver with Cold“ (2009). Will Brooks‘ Remix of Despair II takes a surprisingly sunny angle at the track - finding solace in the void, finally accepting defeat.
Retreating within.


It’s a mixture of creative commons shots and original shots with Simon Frühwirth, the actor from our first video / single to the song "On the Run“ from the current album Phase IV. Contentwise, it could be about inner life and the outside world, conflict, harmony and progress. One could read it as a sequel or addition to the "On the Run" teenage angst video. It’s nice that "On the Run" was the first and this is the last video / single to the Phase IV album; it puts a nice bracket on the whole thing. Of course we don’t want to give too much of guidance to the content of the video (and the song), it’s art.

The band also adds, "We are already working on songs for a new album now," so stay tuned for that.

Watch the video for Will Brooks' "Despair II" remix and stream Phase IV below...

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