Geneviève Castrée, who has recorded as Woelv and Ô Paon, was diagnosed with inoperable, stage four pancreatic cancer four months after giving birth to her daughter with Phil Elverum, of Mount Eerie and the Microphones.

Yesterday, Elverum launched a GoFundMe page with this message:

We are asking the world to please donate money to us. Treatment is ongoing. Nobody in our household has been able to work for over a year. Geneviève has not made any new work. Phil has not made any music or been able to perform or do anything. Life is 100% occupied by this humongous medical battle (plus the already overwhelming reality of raising a baby with less than 2 fully available parents)

Elverum said the treatment has depleted the couple's savings to the "point [where] our financial worry is tipping the scales." You can donate here.

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