Phil Elverum retired his The Microphones moniker in 2003 and instead began releasing music as Mount Eerie (the name of The Microphones' 2003 album), which he continues to do to this day. Recent years have seen him released beloved Mount Eerie albums, like the heartbreaking A Crow Looked At Me and its sequel/followup Now Only, but recent years have also seen Microphones classics like The Glow Pt. 2 become more influential than ever, so it's exciting news that he has now announced a show under his Microphones moniker for the first time in years.

He'll play a show in Anacortes, Washing called "What The Heck?" with dinner and eight bands including Little Wings, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Pounding Serfs, Lois, Karl Blau, Mecca Normal, and D+. The show is already sold out, but hopefully Phil will do more Microphones shows after this one. Fingers crossed!

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