We were just recently talking about the very cool self-titled debut EP from Philly screamo band mt.ida, a new band featuring two members of Philly punk quartet Brackish. Brackish -- who describe themselves as "songs about New Jersey from Philadelphia since 2015" -- have been recording some new material with The Early November's Ace Enders with plans to release a new album, and we're now premiering a song from those sessions with Ace, "What Makes You Say." It's a circle-pit-inducing melodic punk ripper in the spirit of Title Fight, Lifetime, etc, and Brackish do a lot of justice to this timeless sound.

"It felt natural to write a faster-paced song to voice a place of frustration regarding the cynical dialogue we can trap ourselves in that nothing different or new can ever happen, it’s all predictable," the band tells us. "When we brought the song to Ace Enders he helped us realize where the song could be more impactful in the ending that complemented how the song was written and we were very grateful how he honed in on that. The song’s lyrics are coming from an interpersonal perspective but the hope is in sharing that it causes people to take that sober look at themselves and wherever else it’s applicable in their own lives."

Listen below and stay tuned for more info on the LP...


And if you haven't done so already, stream the mt.ida EP:

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