Trey Anastasio is returning to the stage this month for a new virtual residency. He'll be performing from NYC's Beacon Theatre on Fridays over eight weeks, and while no in-person audience will be allowed in the venue, you will be able to watch the shows on Twitch. Trey will be taking donations, and proceeds will go to Phish's WaterWheel Foundation and their new Divided Sky Fund, to help people affected by addiction, and to aid plans to open a substance abuse treatment center in Vermont.

"When we thought about playing the Beacon, I was reminded of the meaning of the word,” Trey says. "A beacon is a beam of light, often from a lighthouse, which sends it out to sailors who are lost at sea and all alone. They look for the beacon and it guides them home."

"Sometimes gifts come wrapped in strange packages," he continued. "A lot of this is thanks to Twitch and our friends and family at MSG Entertainment. When the idea to do these benefits was born, everybody at MSG Entertainment jumped in and partnered with us and the Divided Sky Fund, which is very kind of them. This is an opportunity for forward motion."

About the treatment center, Trey said, "I’ve been sober for 13 years, It’s a great blessing in my life. We started talking about the idea of a treatment center about a year ago. I was worried that the project would get derailed because of the pandemic but it didn’t – it actually picked up steam; things are really rolling along now. The Beacon Jams emerged as a way to raise money for it while also allowing me to play for the fans again."

The streams begin on Friday, October 9 at 8 PM ET, and run through Friday, November 27. See the flyer, and watch a teaser video, below.

Meanwhile, although Phish's "Dinner And a Movie" archival video series is no longer airing weekly, they are are still streaming video of old shows monthly, including, most recently on Wednesday night, (9/30) a broadcast of their July 23, 1999 show from Polaris Amphitheatre in Columbus, Ohio.

Trey Anastasio - Beacon Jams flyer


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