North Dakota death metallers Phobophilic released their debut LP Enveloping Absurdity on Prosthetic Records this year, and they're currently supporting it on the road with Enforced, 200 Stab Wounds, and Undeath, the latter of whom's vocalist Alexander Jones also included Phobophilic on his year-end list, and now the members of Phobophilic have made us a list of their favorite albums of 2022. It includes Quebec death metallers Sedimentum (also on Undeath's list), Dream Unending, Sumerlands, Mortuous, Faceless Burial, Bladee, 40 Watt Sun, Mali Obomsawin, Negative Plane, and more. Read on for their list with commentary on each pick...

Phobophilic's Favorite Albums of 2022


Mali Obomsawin - Sweet Tooth

Blending indigenous folk with jazz seamlessly, this record really stunned me when I first started listening to it because I’ve never really heard anything like it. Now I keep coming back to experience its combination of excitement and sorrow.

Mortuous - Upon Desolation

This one ticks all the death metal boxes for me and more. Ferocious vocals, incredible guitar playing with sick hooks and melody, unrelenting powerful drumming, and best of all is the softer moments where violin or piano soar above the onslaught.

40 Watt Sun - Perfect Light

I saw someone on Bandcamp describe this record as a heartbroken hug and I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to describe it. Beautiful and incredibly emotive.

Dream Unending - Song of Salvation

Gorgeous record that balances between being so delicate and soft with massive heaviness. Modern day classic.


Bladee - Spiderr

Bladee once again redefines his sound while simultaneously expanding on earlier themes and elements. He really just does not miss.

Hackle - Gunsmith Tha Mixtape

Really fun and interesting mix of Chicago Drill, 808 Mafia peak-era trap, witch house and horrorcore. This debut is really strong and has been on repeat for me for months.


Faceless Burial - At the Foothills of Deliration

Third record from one of the most underrated death metal bands in my opinion. Time changes and crazy riffs galore. Crawling bass lines and inventive drumming.

Sumerlands - Dreamkiller

A heroic and epic sounding slab of heavy metal. Melody and catchy songwriting shine throughout. "Night Ride" might be the most epic song of the year.


Negative Plane - The Pact…

Their first full length offering in over a decade. A dense Faustian journey with notable South American influences. My favorite black metal release since Funereal Presence’s Achatius.

Sedimentum - Suppuration Morphogénésiaque

Pummeling, no frills death metal. Excellent debut from our friends up north.

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