Phoebe Bridgers released a haunting, slowed down version of her Punisher single "Kyoto" earlier this year that featured harmonies from Jackson Browne. Now she's appeared in his new video for "My Cleveland Heart," which you can watch below. It was directed by Alissa Torvinen, who Browne chose for the job after seeing her video for another of Phoebe's Punisher singles, "I Know The End," and it features Browne undergoing heart surgery, and having his heart replaced with a shiny, gleaming artificial one. Phoebe plays a nurse, and there's a shot of her clutching Browne's old heart in the corner with blood on her mouth, suggesting she's been eating it.

"I thought it was really appropriate to take out my worn-out, useless heart and hand it to Phoebe," Browne told Rolling Stone. "Who better to hand [it] to than somebody young, strong, and possibly as cynical as me?"

Meanwhile, Phoebe's label, Saddest Factory Records, has announced a new signee, electro-pop band MUNA. They join previous signee Claud on the label. Phoebe and MUNA both play the 2021 edition of Governors Ball, as well.