Storefront Church, the project of Lukas Frank, a longtime friend of Phoebe Bridgers who has appeared on her albums and drummed in her band, has paid tribute to late Low co-founder Mimi Parker, who passed away in November, with a cover of "Words" from Low's 1994 debut I Could Live In Hope. Phoebe adds vocals to the gorgeous, angelic rendition, which also features Alex Fischel of Spoon on piano, Daniel Rhine on bass, Waylon Rector on guitar (he also co-produced with Frank), and Cynthia Tolson, who performed and arranged the strings. Hear it below.

"Our cover of Low’s song, ‘Words’, is out today," Frank writes. "In the wake of Mimi’s passing, I’d like to dedicate this to her. Low’s music has been incredibly useful to me; it’s like an antidote to anxiety, with Mimi’s voice at the heart of it—relieving, cathartic and honest. This cover features Phoebe, who I’ve known since we were little kids. I couldn’t be more grateful for her contribution and support, both now and over the years. My co-producer Waylon is also someone I’ve known for longer than I haven’t, but this is our first time officially producing something together and I’m proud of the result."

"Adding to the nostalgia of it all," he continues," the cover art is by graphic design master @jamsayne and features a photo my mom took of my sister 30 years ago. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed to this song, to Low, and to all who listen."

Storefront Church Low cover

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