Last night at NPR Music's 'Turning The Tables Live' concert and discussion, moderator Ann Powers asked Phoebe Bridgers about a new project with her, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus. Phoebe confirmed it was real. DREAM TEAM! Stay tuned for more details.

Phoebe and Julien were responsible for two of our favorite albums of 2017, and Lucy released an album we love earlier this year. The three of them have been seen together a lot over the past few years, so this is not random or a total surprise. Julien and Lucy are Matador labelmates and have toured together and Julien listed Lucy's 2016 debut as one of her favorite albums of that year. Phoebe toured with Julien back before she even had an album out, and they collaborated on stage at Winnipeg Folk Fest and Eaux Claires earlier this summer.

The 'Turning the Tables Live' event featured Phoebe along with with Mitski, Jamila Woods, Carly Rae Jepsen, and I'm With Her. Check out more pictures, and our review, HERE.

Watch Phoebe and Julien cover Gillian Welch at Winnipeg Folk Festival:

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