Back in April, Phoebe Bridgers covered John Prine during a livestreamed performance, days after the late legend's death from coronavirus complications. She's now recorded a new studio version of the cover, joined by Maria Taylor of Azure Ray. It's for Spotify's Singles series; they'll be releasing recordings from Best New Artist nominees every day this week leading up to the Grammys, which were postponed from January due to COVID.

In addition to the cover, Phoebe also recorded a new version of Punisher single "Kyoto," with Jackson Browne adding harmonies. It's a haunting, slowed-down take on the song, which seems more akin to the ballad she originally wrote it as than the more upbeat, poppier track it became. Stream both songs below.

Alabama rapper/singer and fellow Best New Artist Grammy nominee Chika, who we're anticipating new music from this year, also released a pair of new Spotify singles, a new version of her song "U SHOULD" and a cover of Billie Eilish's "my future." "I picked 'my future' by Billie Eilish as my [Best New Artist] cover for Spotify because the song is beautiful and presents an interesting opportunity to talk about where I am as an artist, especially on the heels of this nomination," Chika says. "My present is moving so fast that each passing moment is practically the future already. And I’m in love with the ride I’m on." Stream those below, as well.

For more Phoebe, we have both of her solo albums, 2020's Punisher and 2017's Stranger in the Alps, for sale in our shop.

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