Pianos Become the Teeth members have been busy with side projects lately, but now they've finally announced their first album since 2018's Wait For Love. It's called Drift and it arrives August 26 via Epitaph Records (pre-order on red vinyl). They recorded this one 100% to analog tape, and they reunited with producer Kevin Bernsten, who worked on their first two albums. "Kevin knows where we come from and really knew what we were trying to do with this record — and he was down to get weird with us," said frontman Kyle Durfey, who also explained that this was the first album that the band wrote in the studio, rather than their practice space. "Kevin knows who we used to be and he knows who we are now and he was really down to experiment and try anything in the studio to see how it would work."

"Everything for me on this record is so personal and so specific even if people have no idea what I’m talking about," Kyle adds. "I know it’s asking for a lot but I just hope that people sit and listen to the record as a whole because to me this record is like one piece. It’s not individual songs, it’s a journey and then you come out of it."

The first taste, however, is the individual song "Genevieve," which continues down the atmospheric, post-rocky path of their last two records. It's a suspenseful, climactic song, propelled by David Haik's busy-as-ever drumming, and topped off with a vocal performance from Kyle that's as wavering and impassioned as anything he's laid to tape. Check out the video (directed and edited by PBTT guitarist Michael York, alongside Amanda Adams) below.

Pick up the new album on red vinyl.

Pianos Become the Teeth Drift

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