Pianos Become the Teeth teamed with director Michael Parks Randa for a video trilogy of songs off their anticipated new album, Wait For Love. You've already seen the videos for "Charisma" and "Bitter Red," and now the third and final installment is here, "Love On Repeat," is here. Here's what Michael Parks Randa says about the full trilogy:

I've always played around with the idea of making a trilogy of music videos but never had the project to support it. When Pianos came to me to direct "Charisma", I wanted the narrative to be centered around two strong, queer female characters and thought it'd be fascinating to watch them fall in love amidst the eeriness of Halloween. I felt like the story wrapped up nicely at the end and I really had no intentions of taking the story any further. But there was such a strong reaction to that video that when the band asked me to do two more for "Bitter Red" and "Love On Repeat", I finally had the opportunity to bring that dream of a trilogy to life and to document the following stages of that love between Madeline and Nataysha's characters, and to keep it a bit open ended for the viewer. The band was so supportive of the vision and I'm really proud of what we created.

Watch above. Wait For Love comes out this Friday (2/16) via Epitaph.

PBTT are also playing release shows with Praise, including a Brooklyn show on February 22 at Saint Vitus with additional support from Sainthood Reps (which is now sold out).