Slipknot's 2022 Knotfest Roadshow hit Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Friday night (5/20) with killer support from Cypress Hill and Ho99o9. Pictures of Slipknot are in this post, and here's an excerpt of the review we ran over the weekend:

Some bands are just built to be arena bands. The huge venue isn't a hindrance, but something that band uses to their advantage to put on an even more epic and memorable show than they could have almost anywhere else. The band is so larger-than-life that once they start playing, the room doesn't even feel as cavernous as it is. Slipknot are one of those bands, and they reminded NYC of that when they brought the 2022 Knotfest Roadshow to Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Friday night (5/20).

Even in the context of artists with elaborate props, Slipknot's stage setup is uniquely towering. They've got multiple tiers, with frontman Corey Taylor, guitarists Jim Root and Mick Thomson, and bassist Alessandro Venturella on the floor, main drummer Jay Weinberg and their two DJs (Craig Jones and Sid Wilson) behind them on an upper level, and then percussionists/screamers/all-around madmen Shawn "Clown" Crahan and Michael Pfaff at the very end of elevated aisles at the front of the stage, pounding on their upside-down bass drums and trash cans and often looking like they might fall off the edge any minute. Within that tiered structure are industrial factory-looking windmills that spin for the entire show, pyro happens often, and the the nine members of Slipknot are as masked and costumed as they've been since 1999. It's a total spectacle, and it only adds to the fact that Slipknot are an A-list live band with over two decades of enduring fan favorites to pull from.

Read the rest here and check out more pictures by Mathieu Bredeau below...

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