Each year, Mayor Porkpie invites his friends (who also happen to be world-renowned performers) to celebrate his birthday by stripping to a musical theme of his choosing. Previous birthdays have featured songs with the name “Jonny”, and the music of Paul Simon and They Might Be Giants. This year, Porkpie and friends celebrate they mayor's port of entry into this world: New York City, with “Songs of NYC.”

The Jonny Porkpie Birthday Show happened Sunday night (4/2) at Slipper Room with guests Jo Boobs, The Maine Attraction, Pinkie Special, Sizzle Dizzle, Tansy, Tigger!, and Walt Whitman. Check out photos from the comedy, music and skin filled evening, in the gallery above.

Check out the calendar of the Slipper Room, located at 167 Orchard Street in New York, NY for more upcoming burlesque shows.

Walt Whitman and Jonny Porkpie are back there on 4/24/17. Jonny also joins Poison Ivory, Pinkie Special, and Legs Malone for a Slippery Sunday show on 5/7/17.

Other names on the Slipper Room schedule include: Fancy Feast, Edie Nightcrawler, Qualms Galore, Peekaboo Pointe, Aerial Helvetica, James Habacker, Albert Cadabra, Sean Blue, Chipps Cooney, Kira Fath, Stormy Leather, Stache Novak, Miss Ekaterina, Topher Bousquet, Madame Rosebud, Poison Ivory, Nina LaVoix, Ula Uberbusen, Rosie Cheeks, Jo Boobs, Boo Bess, Bastard Keith, Jason Mejias, Carla Rhodes, Emily Shephard, Cassandra Rosebeetle, and Cheeky Lane.


photos by Nelson Steele

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