photos by Greg Cristman

Steven Wilson @ Beacon Theatre 3/5/2016

Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson brought his solo tour to NYC over the weekend, playing the Beacon Theatre on Saturday, March 5. He was a little under the weather, unfortunately, and let Ninet Tayeb, and Dave Kilminster sing lead on most of the songs. The first set he and the band played Hand. Cannot. Erase in its entirety, and the second set was comprised of half of this year's 4 1/2 plus a few Porcupine Tree tracks as well. For the encore he covered Bowie's "Space Oddity" and finished the night with Porcupine Tree's "The Sound of Muzak" which was sung by the audience.

Check out setlist and more pictures from Steven Wilson's Beacon Theatre show, below.


SETLIST: Steven Wilson @ Beacon Theatre, 3/5/2016 
1. First Regret
2. 3 Years Older
(sung by Dave Kilminster)
3. Hand Cannot Erase
(with Ninet Tayeb) (sung by Ninet Tayeb)
4. Perfect Life
(with Ninet Tayeb) (sung by Ninet Tayeb)
5. Routine
(with Ninet Tayeb) (sung by Ninet Tayeb)
6. Home Invasion
(sung by Steven Wilson)
7. Regret #9
(followed by band introductions)
8. Transience
(with Ninet Tayeb) (sung by Ninet Tayeb)
9. Ancestral
(with Ninet Tayeb) (sung by Ninet Tayeb)
10. Happy Returns
(sung by Steven Wilson)
11. Ascendant Here On...

Set 2:
12. Dark Matter
(Porcupine Tree song) (sung by Steven Wilson)
13. My Book of Regrets
(sung by Dave Kilminster)
14. Index
(sung by Steven Wilson)
15. Sectarian
16. Don't Hate Me
(Porcupine Tree song) (sung by Ninet Tayeb)
17. Vermillioncore
18. Sleep Together
(Porcupine Tree song) (sung by Steven Wilson and Ninet Tayeb)

19. Space Oddity
(David Bowie cover) (sung by Ninet Tayeb)
20. The Sound of Muzak
(Porcupine Tree song) (sung entirely by the audience… more )