Garage rock veterans Fred and Toody Cole (of Pierced Arrows, Dead Moon, and lots of other projects) have announced that they'll be putting the band on hold while Fred undergoes emergency open-heart bypass surgery. The pair write that doctors discovered an "80-100% blockage in his arteries" after he'd been having problems with his heart. We wish Fred a speedy recovery.

As recently as this January, the pair were playing shows as a reunited Dead Moon.

Read their full note--and check out video footage from one of those Dead Moon shows--below...



"Our worst nightmare has come true. Over the last couple of weeks Fred has had problems with his heart. We didn't want to make any decisions until the tests were all finished & we consulted with his heart doctors. Now we know that he has 80-100% blockage in his arteries and must have emergency open-heart surgery for a bypass.

This is very major surgery and will be at least 6 months for recovery, maybe even a year. Obviously, this means we are forced to cancel all tours, shows, pending offers etc. for both Pierced Arrows & Dead Moon & Fred and Toody unplugged.

Fred & Toody" [Facebook]