Malaysian one-person screamo band Piet Onthel (aka Mashi Mierul) has been busy. He released his debut LP ambo(l)enitaksu(p)odulu last year and has a 4-way split with Demersal, Vientre, and Letterbombs arriving 5/23 via Tomb Tree/Witch Elm, but first he'll release his own new five-song cassette EP, s(EP)kitomanditlanjey, this Friday (5/6) via Zegema Beach Records. We're premiering the 85-second opener "aliif," a harsh, raw track that manages to feel both discordant and beautiful all at once, and which goes extremely hard.

"'aliff’ was written last year after the completion of the writing of the album ambo(l)enitaksu(p)odulu so it can be said to be a continuation of the album," Mashi tells us. "The lyrics revolve around how human emotions can change from emptiness to stress. 'aliff' is borrowed from the Arabic word i.e. first, in fact all the song titles in this EP using an arabic word/alphabet." Listen below.

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