China Girl is a new supergroup featuring John Jarvis of Pig Destroyer and Derek Engemann of Cattle Decapitation, who both also play together in the Phil Anselmo-fronted Scour, plus Dennis R. Sanders of Spirit In The Room. Their Facebook page lists their genre as "fever metal," their interests as "meat, music, marijuana, and marinara," and their influences as "Mr. Bungle and Morbid Angel." Their band bio reads:

After many a year of success it's now time, for a new band. Grain veterans Jarn Johnvis and Dengelberry will team w Denny's Sandwich to form supergroup 'Chinese Grrlz" Name comes from a successful tour PACKAGE of asia in hm '96 the trio capped off said tour by spending their earnings of 50,000 yen ($435) on the best chinese girls money could buy BUTT with dire consequences: collectively saw they Brownish-Pink Dinguses turn to Lime Green Dinguses. Stay tuned to Turkey Sandwich insta 4 more deetz.
-Anonymous Lambgoat Poster

The supergroup just released their self-titled debut album today, and it's a dose of raw, experimental hardcore that's a little more on the punk side than Pig Destroyer and Cattle Decapitation, but should appeal to fans of both bands. Stream it below: