photos by Mathieu Bredeau

Grindcore titans Pig Destroyer played one of a few upcoming shows in NYC over the weekend, hitting Music Hall of Williamsburg on March 11 with a stacked lineup that included Dropdead, Full of Hell, Cloud Rat and Mother Brain.

Pig Destroyer have been playing with their new lineup since 2013, and they've played relatively similar setlists over that span of time (they usually just play a few shows a year). By virtue of being a grindcore band, they're able to get through 20 songs during their set, making the most of their time by hitting material from all of their albums on Friday night. There was a pretty heavy focus on 2012's Book Burner, which makes sense, but also a nice selection of stuff from 2001's Prowler in the Yard, with nasty classics like "Cheerleader Corpses," "Trojan Whore," "Jennifer," and closer "Piss Angel" all getting play. This is compared to only two songs from Phantomb Limb, "Rotten Yellow" and "Deathtripper," which is a drag since Phantom Limb is the best grindcore album of all time.

Phantomb Limb and Terrifyer were also both recently given vinyl reissues by Relapse, and you can pick those up now. Not to mention PD guitarist Scott Hull's latest, killer release with Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

Check out more pictures from the MHOW show, and the Pig Destroyer setlist, below.


Mother Brain

Cloud Rat

Full of Hell


Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer — 3/11/2016 — MHOW Setlist
The Bug
Rotten Yellow
Scarlet Hourglass
Trojan Whore
Naked Trees
The American's Head
Valley of the Geysers
Cheerleader Corpses
Baltimore Strangler
Pretty in Casts
Piss Angel