As if the killer new Deafheaven song wasn't enough fury for one morning, there's a new Pig Destroyer song out in the world too. It's called "The Cavalry," it's coming out as a Decibel flexi-disc single, and it's the first song Pig Destroyer released since their awesome 2018 album Head Cage. While Head Cage saw PD going in a slower, more metalcore-inspired direction, "The Cavalry" is the kind of grindcore whiplash that PD have historically been best known for. Guitarist Scott Hull says:

The music for ‘The Cavalry’ was written as an explicit tribute to [late Terrorizer/Napalm Death guitarist] Jesse Pintado during the month of August 2018, specifically after listening to Harmony Corruption and World Downfall on repeat. We are proud to give this track to our hermanos over at Decibel and finally contribute to the Flexi Series as the 100th entry.

This one's a real skullcrusher. Check it out below.

Pig Destroyer's only upcoming dates at the moment are Austin Terror Fest and Northwest Terror Fest.

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