by Bill Pearis


A full decade of abuse in the '80s pretty much ruined the saxophone's rep in pop music. (The nadir was maybe Beach Boys' 1988 comeback hit "Kokomo.") The sax is worming its way back, though generally (thankfully) not in the smooth David Sandborn style that got ground into the dirt. A lot of it has been on the punkier sides, like DC band Downtown Boys. And now here's Brooklyn's Pill who's skronky sax is as in your face as singer Veronica Torres. (Their website also has Benny Hill favorite "Yakety Sax," slowed down to methadone speed, playing on a loop.) It's a crazed compelling sound and their debut EP will be released on cassette next week via Dull Tools. You can stream the full-on sneer that is "Misty Eyed Porno Reader," which makes its premiere in this post, below.

Pill will celebrate the EP's release this Friday (3/13) at Acheron with Heaven's Gate, Final Bloom, and Nuraxi, with Future Punx on DJ duty. Tickets are on sale now and flyer for the show is below....



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