by Andrew Sacher


Pinact are a guitar/drum duo from Glasgow that play lo-fi, anthemic rock that might remind you of a certain guitar/drum duo from Vancouver who play lo-fi, anthemic rock. They also might remind you of another Canadian duo Solids or their own Glasgow neighbors PAWS. If you like all those bands, I'm almost positive you'll like Pinact too. Their new single for Art Is Hard Records, "Brew," has all the right ingredients for this kind of stuff: down-strummy guitar, drums you can pound along to at home, and vocal "AHHHHHHS." Not long before that, they put out a split with Min Diesel with four songs that are just as good, if not a little heavier, with some punk screaming. Check out their side of that 7" and the "Brew" single below.

Their only dates are in Europe at the moment and those are all listed below too...


Pinact - "Brew"

Pinact / Min Diesel split 7"

Pinact -- 2013 Tour Dates
Dec 13 13th Note Glasgow, UK
Dec 20 Cellar 35 Aberdeen, UK