photos by Carly Hoskins

Pinegrove are on tour now in support of this year's Cardinal, one of the very best indie rock albums of the year. We asked frontman Evan Stephens Hall to keep a tour diary, which we'll be updating you with, along with pictures by tour photographer Carly Hoskins (whose photos you've seen on BrooklynVegan before). Here's their first installment.


Hello good people

This is a report of everything that’s happened to us on tour so far. No alterations or narrative compression whatsoever— no details omitted, no matter how mundane; no vignette spared no matter how raw. Reader’s digression is advised. This is the real tour life of Pinegrove.

We got a new van right before tour in order to make room for a bigger lineup & all of these boxes of freshly painted pineballs (business is booming). It’s always a fun puzzle to tetris a big van full of objects. Well I don’t think so, but thankfully Adan does. This is a picture of him doing that.

Packed up and eager to hit the road we were wished luck by my lucky dad & dog, hopped in, and renewed our vow to only eat chipps on tour. They are our power food & they help us rock maximally.


CT did rock maximally, and here’s an image as evidence.

Philly did too.

Here’s a beautifully lit picture of Tyler getting hugged from behind by Josh in Philadelphia, PA.

DC was hott 2 and we had fun.

Here’s Josh reacting to seeing a DC dog. While grooming through these photos it became quickly clear that Josh is incredibly photogenic, so you’ll be seein' a lot of him probably.

We went down to Richmond then, arrived at the cool old building where we were gonna be playing that night. We hacked some w/ Ratboys, did some fun stuff w/ cellphones, drank some beer, played a fun show ft. sweat.

After the show I played a game of SKATE w/ Neil from Donovan Wolfington. It ended in a draw & then me dying.

Thankfully Carly was able to revive me on the way to Carborro, NC just in time for an incredibly fun & also sweaty show!

Then afterwards we were thoroughly entertained by Magic Mike doin' his thing. Now I’m not familiar w/ the Magic Scene to any extent, but it seems like his project is special—his set is equally entertaining and empowering. He talks about belief, surprise, and finding magic in daily life. Magic IS real, he insists, and then proves it.

The next morning we woke up in a Waffle House in Atlanta, GA having apparently ordered breakfast in our sleep!

What luck

Let’s rock

Here’s a good one of Adan drawing Zack without breaking eye contact with him. Blurry Ethan of SPORTS looks on.

The next few days were a blur where we took no photos and listened only to Florida Georgia Line. THEN by golly it was the 4th and we partied the only way we know how.

Stay tuned for an installment next week!!


Pinegrove's tour continues in LA tonight (7/13). They'll hit NYC on August 6 at Market Hotel with Sports, Horse Jumper of Love, and Half Waif (sold out). All dates HERE.