As BrooklynVegan's resident Pink Floyd super-fan, it always fills my black, Raisinet-sized heart with bubbles of joy to report Pink Floyd news to you. And 2016 has definitely had its fair share of Pink Floyd related news. Whether it was David Gilmour's NYC residency, the news that they'd be remastering and reissuing their studio back catalog on vinyl, the news that they'd be releasing a gigantic box set of early rarities, or the fact that Roger Waters is one of the headliners of classic rock orgy Desert Trip, this has been a banner year for the Floyd, though, admittedly, they've mostly been catering to fans with deep pockets (or a complete disregard for credit card usage).

Next year, however, a Pink Floyd-centric exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert museum will bring Pink Floyd to the people. The exhibition, titled 'The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains', was officially announced this morning by the V&A. The announcement came complete with a large inflatable pig tethered above the museum, a nod to the album cover of Pink Floyd's 1977 masterwork Animals. Happily, today's pig flight was more successful than the one 40 years ago, as that particular pig broke free from it's tethers above Battersea Power Station and, reaching altitudes of over 30,000 feet, eventually came to rest somewhere in Kent. But I digress.

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum today announced the first major international retrospective of Pink Floyd. To mark 50 years since the band released their first single Arnold Layne, and over 200 million record sales later, The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains will be an immersive, multi-sensory and theatrical journey through Pink Floyd’s extraordinary world.


A story of sound, design and performance, the exhibition will chronicle the music, iconic visuals and staging of the band, from the underground psychedelic scene in 1960s London to the present day, illustrating their groundbreaking use of special effects, sonic experimentation, powerful imagery and social commentary. The exhibition marks the first collaboration in decades of Pink Floyd’s remaining members and is promoted by Michael Cohl and Iconic Entertainment Studios.

The exhibitions will feature over 350 artifacts spanning the band's five decades, alongside material from the V&A’s outstanding collections of art, design, architecture and performance. For Floyd fans like me who only have the internet and their libraries of Pink Floyd books to paw at, the chance to see such a vast collection of Floyd materials 'in the flesh' is surely something worth making a pilgrimage to see. The exhibition runs from May 13 - October 1, 2017 and tickets are currently on sale. Some highlights of the exhibition can be found here. Yes I find the fact that I was not contacted by the organizers of the exhibition for my expertise to be an absolute offense. Yes I think it will eventually sell out. Yes I am already planning my trip to London to see this incredible exhibition.

Although I am convinced the V&A has all the necessary resources to stage this show successfully, it should be noted that this isn't the first time this 'Their Mortal Remains' exhibition was in the news. The exhibition was scheduled to open in Milan, Italy in September of 2014 and run into 2015. However, because of a massive dispute between the organizers and Pink Floyd, the Milan exhibition was canceled, leaving thousands of advanced ticket holders out of luck.

Pink Floyd : Mortal Remains Exhibition Advery
Pink Floyd : Mortal Remains Exhibition Advery

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