Pink Floyd @ Live 8

6:02 pm: they're on. I'm comfortably Numb.
6:03 pm: playing "Breathe"
6:06 pm: playing "Money"
6:09 pm: according to the text cycling across the top of the screen, Def Leppard "can still ROCK"
6:11 pm: camera zooms in on Roger Waters' crotch again

6:13 pm: Drummers' facial expressions similar to Andy Gill from Gang of Four.
6:14: Roger Waters says something about standing up there with these three guys after all these years.
6:15: playing "Wish You were Here"
6:16: David Gilmour making those high pitched noises again.
6:17: "Thank You." Crowd cheers. "Here we go" (phew, I thought it was over)
6:18: playing "Comfortably Numb"
6:19: according to the text cycling across the screen, I'm missing Motley Crue play "Dr Feelgood" in Toronto. damn.
6:23: I just noticed the big "Poverty" WALL behind them. Did that just get there?
6:25: "Than you very much goodnight." David Gilmour and Roger Waters have their arm around each other for a second. It's over. :-(

6:27: (switches to The Cure in Paris). Robert Smith, please get a new look.

6:40: All Beatles couldn't be reached for a reunion, so Paul McCartney plays "Get Back" all by himself.
6:44: Is that George Michael? More Beatles. Paul plays "Drive my Car"
6:45: It was George "Lennon" Michael!
6:46: Paul's drummer is badass.
6:47: 3 for 3. "Helter Skelter"
6:49: Started daydreaming about Michael Jackson coming out next to do "Say Say Say."
6:50: Thanks Bob.
6:51: 4 for 4. "The Long and Winding Road"
6:55: George Michael is back. So is everyone. "Hey Jude." 5 for 5.
6:56: Paul McCartney starts making out with Bob Geldof. just kidding
6:58: There's the Beatles! (or people dressed as them). I don't think Maria Carey and David Gilmour knew the words. Annie Lennox makes out with Bob Geldof. just kidding.
7:01: Pete Townshend makes out with African Boys choir.]\
7:02: Drummer still badass.

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