As mentioned, as a gift to fans stuck inside during COVID-19 lockdown, Pink Floyd are sharing a classic live performances every Friday for four weeks via their YouTube channel. Today's is the genuinely amazing film Live at Pompeii. Here's BV's resident Pink Floyd obsessive, Jeff Bergstrom, on the film:

Directed by Adrian Maban and initially released in 1972, the bulk of the documentary features Pink Floyd performing live to an empty ancient amphitheater in Pompeii in 1971. The documentary is also peppered with footage of the band performing in a Parisian television studio. However, the version of the film most people are familiar with was released in 1974 and features tons of additional footage of the band recording their eventual masterpiece The Dark Side of the Moon at Abby Road Studios as well as band interviews and footage of them at the Abby Road canteen. Using a full assemblage of all their touring gear at the time, the band tears through unbelievable renditions of “Echoes,” “Careful with That Axe Eugene,” “A Saucerful of Secrets,” “One of these Days,” “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun,” and “Mademoiselle Nobs” (which features the vocal accompaniments of a Borzoi). The documentary shows just how raw and meticulous the Floyd were as performers at an early and pivotal moment in their career (though, Nick Mason totally drops a drumstick during “One of These Days”).

The version of Live at Pompeii being shown here is from the 2016 re-edited version as featured in ‘The Early Years 1965-1972’ box set and will be available to watch on YouTube for 24 hours only, so you've got till 12 PM Eastern on Saturday (4/25) to watch it. Check it out below.

Last week, Pink Floyd shared Pulse (which is still available to watch). Coming up:  the 1970 KQED’s An Hour With Pink Floyd, and finally the DVD version of David Gilmour Live At Pompeii.