In addition to the Tallest Man on Earth & yMusic shows at Pioneer Works (night 1 tickets, night 2 sold out), there's other cool stuff happening at the Red Hook, Brooklyn warehouse this fall. (No surprise that they book good music, since Justin Vernon of Bon Iver [who played five shows there in December], MGMT's Andrew Vanwyngarden, Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes, David Byrne, and other cool musicians are on the venue's advisory board.) Here's the fall schedule:

9/10 - Ashcan Orchestra, Maria Chavez, CT SWaM

9/13 - Radical Context: Thollem, Nels Cline, Ravish Momin, Yuka C Honda, Laura Ortman, Michael Wimberly

9/20 + 21 - Tallest Man On Earth with yMusic

9/22 - Dais Records 10th Anniversary show: Drew McDowall, Little Annie Anxiety, Hiro Kone, Robert Turman, Scout Paré-Phillips, Drekka, Wetware, Pieter Schoolwerth (DJ set), JS Aurelius (DJ set) and Nikki Sneakers (DJ set)

9/29 - Blonde Redhead, Beacon, BEARCAT of Discwoman

10/3 - Shattered Glass Album Release

10/5 - Mdou Moctar, Drunken Foreigner Band

10/6 - Esperanza Spalding

10/16 - Los Wembler’s

10/27 - Spank Rock, POLIÇA, Marijuana Deathsquads,

10/31 - Mariza

Tickets for all shows are available at Pioneer Works' website.

For Blonde Redhead, this is their only upcoming show besides two Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons shows in Mexico City this month.

Esperanza Spalding will also livestream the making of her new album on September 12.

Polica have a few other dates as well.

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