Red Hook, Brooklyn arts/events/venue space Pioneer Works is launching a record label, Pioneer Works Press, featuring musicians who have participated in their music residencies -- which provides a stand-alone studio space "offering a wide range of resources for musicians and sound artists." The first two releases are out September 7: Sequence by Miss Information (aka Cibo Mato's Miho Hatori), and Tuff Guy Electronics by Minneapolis collective Marijuana Deathsquads.

Miho says the idea behind Miss Information was a simple concept: "What if information was a woman?" The record features Greg Fox (Liturgy, Zs) and "Viva Madrid!," which you can stream below, features a verse from Heems.

Tuff Guy Electronics is the first Marijuana Deathsquads album in five years and made with the core group of Ryan Olson, Ben Ivascu and Isaac Gale. Greg Fox also guests here, as do drummers Chris Egan (Blood Orange, !!!) and Freddy Votel (Cows), and ambient artist Eric Timothy Carlson. You can check out 10-minute jam "Last Sunny Day," below.

This will be the second record from Hatori this year. She recently released Amazon to LeFrak under the name New Optimism which finds her anything-goes spirit, such a part of Cibo Matto, still in full effect. You can stream that below and she plays a release show tonight (8/7) at Elsewhere Zone One with Bubble T (tickets). She'll also play this year's Basilica Soundscape.