Piroshka, the band led by former Lush singer/guitarist Miki Berenyi and featuring members of Modern English, Elastica and Moose, have shared a new single from their upcoming album, Love Drips And Gathers, which is out July 23 via Bella Union. "V.O." is a gorgeous, moody sliver of breathy dreampop. It's also a tribute to the late Vaughan Oliver, whose design work gave '80s/'90s 4AD its distinctive look.

"I wrote this originally as an instrumental but the rest of the band convinced me to put a vocal on it," Miki says. "The lyrics are snapshot snippets of Vaughan Oliver’s funeral in January 2020 - lines from the speeches, fleeting impressions of the day. I'm getting to the age where the people I grew up with are dying and I find funerals a comfort in the sadness, formal but emotional, a celebration of a life, a space for the living to reconnect.”

The video for "V.O.," meanwhile, features a mysterious being who visits a woman on a beach. "We wanted to put this ominous-being centre frame and allow the viewer to reflect on fear and loss whilst also embracing hope and futurity through its life experiences," says director Connor Kinsey. "Giving the subject no recognisable features meant that its emotional journey through the different timelines felt more relatable to a wider audience.”

Watch the video below.


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