Morningwood Bikes "Haters seeking a new target for bilious, fire-bellied screeds are going to love Morningwood: They're yet another NYC retro-rock retread, their bassist used to drum for the Wallflowers, and, yes, of all the possible bandnames in the whole entire world, they chose 'Morningwood.' If taking swings at them seems easy, it ought to. In the aftermath of late-70s garage-rock hangovers, they sound exactly as you'd expect-- hints of new wave crossing paths with uninspired power-pop and jackleg dance-rock. And yet, despite their readymade niche, their hype's been tepid in a post-holiday indie rock market blue-balled by a disappointing Strokes album...." [The rest of the review @ Pitchfork]

'This is awesome!' Ms. Claret yelled as she circled past Mr. Yanowitz. [NY Times]

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