Pixies celebrated the 30th anniversary of their third album, Bossanova, earlier this month and guitarist Joey Santiago was just on Rock Classics Radio on Apple Music Hits to talk about the album and more.

“We probably psychologically or subconsciously opted not to do any practice or pre-production for this album,' Joey told host Jenn Marino. "The tension, if that's the word, and it is the word, that we were to just put the record together at the studio. I was still stoked about the process. I guess I was wondering why we had to do a record every damn year, you know? And that's what we did. Once a year we did one, since the EP. But that was okay with me. We could have used a break really, you know? But that's not the way we did it. But it paid off in the end. Everything has a reason, right? Considering all the things that were going on, it's pretty incredible that we did make a pretty darn good record out of it.”

Joey also talked about the infamous video for Bossanova's first single, "Velouria," which featured the band running toward the camera in very, very slow motion. “The story goes that we were a top 10 single," recalls Joey. ("Velouria" was a Top 40 hit in the UK.) "I think Madonna was number two or number three, and we needed to present a video. So, I forgot who the director was [it was Peter Fowler], but he held a camera, and we just ran towards it, and we thought we had enough footage. I think we were all probably high. And then we looked at it, and he goes, 'Is that all we have?' It's like, 'Man, well, we'll just slow it down then, until the song ends.' So that's what we did. We were making fun of the video too. We never really liked doing them, just because when you think of a song, you want your imagination to have its own thing going, you know?"

You can watch the "Velouria" video (and a version that's been sped up to real time), below.

Pixies are still going, and Joey was asked about how the band is different now as to in 1990. "God, a lot more loose, nothing to do with Kim at all. It was just a situation that we were in," Joey said. We hardly hung out together before we found ourselves touring in Europe. It might have even been about a year and some change. We were doing an album a year and then touring. Right now, it's more relaxed and Paz means peace, and that's contributing to a lot of things too."

You can listen to clips from the interview, and Bossanova, below.

Meanwhile, his bandmate Frank Black has been busy blasting the CDC over coronavirus testing.

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