PJ Harvey posts playlists on Spotify sometimes, and she's just shared a new one called "Petals Have Fallen." She doesn't give any explanation for her song choices -- is this PJ's self isolation playlist? -- but like her last playlist, Clair de Lune," it features tracks from Thom Yorke and Colin Stetson. Also included are two Big Thief songs, as well as songs by Tirzah, Sarah Neufeld, Hekla, Bendik Giske, and Coby Sey. Listen below.

This is the twelfth playlist in PJ's curated series, which dates back to July of 2016, and you can see all of them on her Spotify page.

Meanwhile, we took a look back at PJ's 1995, To Bring You My Love-era Roskilde Festival show in our ongoing series of amazing live videos to watch while every show is cancelled.