One of the many livestreamed concerts happening this weekend is a solo acoustic set from Planning for Burial (aka Thom Wasluck) in place of the cancelled Flenser showcase that was supposed to happen at Brooklyn’s Market Hotel. It happens Saturday (3/21) at 7 PM ET via Facebook Live. He said:

With the FlenzCup postponed, I’m going to set up in my basement space and perform the set I had planned and I might even take a few requests. I write most of my stuff very stripped back like this— it’s not always a sea of amps and pedals like my live show— so this is a private and personal look into my Planning For Burial world. “Be on the look out for ghosts during the performance, I swore I felt someone watching over my shoulder while practicing last night and then felt a tug on my shirt.

Meanwhile, Thom made us a list of the music he’s been listening to while in isolation with commentary on each pick. Here’s his list:


Mount Eerie – “Through The Trees”

If I had to use sound to describe the feeling of being wrapped up in a blanket and feeling warm, cozy, and content, the organ drones on this piece would be that sound.

PJ Harvey – “Is This Desire?”

The title track from my favorite album of hers. This track is the stuff I love the most from PJ, minimal repetitive guitar/drum work over a nice drone, and add some organs in for emphasis. Perfect late night low light jam.

Garbage – “Milk”

25 years ago you couldn’t escape seeing a video from Garbage’s self-titled debut on MTV, and I loved every minute of it. My parents bought me the cassette the following year for Easter, I nearly wore it out. At the time I didn’t realize it was an album I would constantly be studying and finding new things going on with the production all these years later. This is a 10/10 album for me.

Duster – “Chocolate And Mint”

Duster gave us a new album late last year and it’s been staying in pretty heavy rotation for me. It could’ve been like any other reunion album where they rehash their most popular work which has been heavily copied over the years since they first broke up but instead they made something that expanded on their sound while still remaining very much themselves.

Steve Reich & Musicians – “Music For 18 Musicians”

Though it’s an hour plus long I consider this one long piece. I listen to it around 2 times a week, minimum — it works great for calming me down and letting my brain shut down for a little while.

And lastly, here’s a live video of Planning For Burial from 2018: