Ozzy Osbourne released Ordinary Man, his first album in ten years, last week, and now songs from that album soundtrack a new 8-bit video game, Legend of Ozzy, that you can play online. Here are the instructions:

Use the arrows to avoid monsters - wolves, devils and evil eyes.
Your hunger is everlasting. Collect the blood to survive longer.
When you get hurt, the power of magical green crosses can help you heal your wounds.
Gather the coins to show your worth to the rest of the world.

Your avatar in the game is a bat... with its head still attached.

Meanwhile, Ozzy Osbourne's North American tour is sadly off as he seeks treatment for medical issues. Speaking to Radio.com, Ozzy said the tour was postponed, however, not cancelled. "I cannot go on the road until I'm 100 percent confident that I can pull it off," he said. "Cos if I go out now and I can't carry on, people are gonna think that I've lost the plot. So I'm not gonna go out there until I can give them the show that I wanna give them, cos it's not fair to them."