J just sent me this unfortunate Craigslist ad:

Date: 2007-02-02, 11:48AM EST
Contract Writing Position for Blogging Campaign

We are an advertising agency that is looking for somebody to work from 2/14 - 2/26 as part of a viral marketing campaign. The job will essentially consist of contributing to a variety of blogs and message boards. Candidates should write well and have the ability to think creatively on their feet. An interest in music and technology is a big plus.

Though this should be a fun job, it is important that the candidate understand the objectives of the campaign, work hard, and go about blogging in a very efficient and organized manner. Tracking when and where comments have been posted is just as important as the comments themselves. It is a full-time position, $10/hour for the tenure of the contract. You will be working at our midtown office location.

Please send a resume as well as writing samples that illustrate creativity.

The ideal candidate would have experience with:
-Blogging -Viral marketing -Web marketing -Excel

Those that are successful in this role will have contract opportunities in the future. We are looking to start interviewing next week.

Seriously, phony comments are a problem I'm constantly dealing with. It sucks. If you do apply for this job, please don't come around here. If you already do this job...also please stay away.

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