There are occasional rumbles as to the point of the Pogues' now-annual Christmas reunions (and St Patrick's Day US equivalents). In the seven years since the joyous release of seeing Shane MacGowan return to his old band at the Manchester Academy, these chaotic, maudlin occasions have too often relied on the crowd's memories of what MacGowan might have been singing, if he could only remember his name.

Pogues gig reviews have often resembled medical bulletins on the alcohol intake of their errant singer-songwriter. Fingers have also been pointed at the failure of a man with a great lyric gift to record a single new song in 11 years, content, it has seemed, to hold court in north London's Boogaloo bar until he falls off his stool. But this is a man living the life he wants, with his great work completed - every boozing poet's dream. And any complaints about the Pogues rehashing that songbook again are blasted to tinder tonight. [The Independent]

Tickets ($59.50 advance/ $ 65.00 day of show) are on sale today (@ 10AM) for a March 14th show at Roseland Balroom. The previously announced NYC dates are March 12 and 13.

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