The current lineup of Portland punk legends Poison Idea posted this official message:

This is an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. We've told our friends, talked with promoters, announced it at the last show, but I guess we have to do this to make it "official". POISON IDEA is pulling the plug on the life support system that keeps the band side alive. Ya can't kill the spirit. But as of Jan. 1, 2017, POISON IDEA is no longer a band. We're going to keep working with TKO/Cascade to rerelease the old catalog and we have stuff that was never let out of the can, that will probably be released. THANK YOU FOR THE 35(!) YEARS WORTH OF MEMORIES. STAY TRUE, STAY FREE. CHEERS.

Poison Idea, who broke up and got back together before, while going through various lineup changes (Pig Champion rest in peace), toured in 2016 (and played Portland in December). A documentary is in the works, set for a 2017 release:

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