The original epic track of the album (before “How Is This Happening” came about). When we started talking we always said that we had no formal boundaries, as in: would we make songs or pieces of a more classical, contemporary, instrumental music? In fact, we knew that it would be cool to explore a hybrid format, where also song form would be challenged.

I find this track to be a great example of this hybrid, and I am really happy that there was scope for this in the collaboration. It’s also a piece of drone music and then a good example of where big electronic sounds (in the middle part) can work together with acoustic instrumentation powerfully. The piano part was much more prominent in Ryan’s original demo and I liked its use a lot, reminded me of Talk Talk’s “Life’s What You Make It,” maybe the coolest piano riff that has ever formed the basis of an entire pop song. OK, there’s “Humble” now as well. [André de Ridder to Consequence of Sound]

Pop-indie band Polica and composer André de Ridder's orchestral ensemble s t a r g a z e first debuted their Music For the Long Emergency project as a "virtual residency" and live at the 2017 Eaux Claires Festival, and then they released it as an album earlier this month. The above quote is of André de Ridder talking to Consequence of Sound about the title track.

Polica and s t a r g a z e are bringing Music For the Long Emergency to the stage once again on a tour that began in Massachusetts on February 15 and then hit NYC on February 17 at Symphony Space at Peter Jay Sharp Theatre. Pictures of that show are in the gallery above.


photos by Toby Tenenbaum

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