Polvo founder member Dave Brylawski, along with the band's '00s era drummer Brian Quast, have formed a new group, Silver Scrolls, who will release their debut album, Music for Walks, on July 10 via Three Lobed Recordings. They're calling it a ‘light’ concept album, and it's divided into “Walk One” and “Walk Two," with shorter walks (you can call them "songs") within them. You can check out "Nature's Promise," which is part of "Walk Two" and is a stretched-out indie rock jam that finds Brylawski making the case for open space. "Now I can breathe," he proclaims. Listen below.

Polvo's 1993 album, Today's Active Lifestyles, made our list of 20 essential Merge Records releases that aren’t ‘Funeral’ or ‘In the Aeroplane Over the Sea’, and that album and 1992's Cor-Crane Secret were reissued by Merge this year.

1. Walk One (I - Concrete Visions)
2. Walk One (II - Q Scrolls)
3. Walk One (III - Internal Owl)
4. Walk One (IV - Concrete Reprise)
5. Walk Two (I - Nature's Promise)
6. Walk Two (II - Old Solace)