PopMatters recently published reviews of two bands I've been following...

Thunderbirds Are Now! | Justamustache

"There is a certain joy to be derived from the sheer energy alone of Justamustache. Like chowing down on your favorite sugar-coated cereal on Saturday morning and watching a constant stream of poorly dubbed Japanese cartoons, this thing bounces off the walls demanding your attention." - full review (5/10) (but it at Insound)

Magneta Lane | The Constant Lover

"And if you're thinking it, you're right -- it's not fair for a male critic to put the burden of feminism on a young band just because they're chicks who sing from "a woman's perspective"." (huh who what?) - full review (6/10) (buy it at Insound)

More (as in more than above) Positive PopMatters reviews:

Architecture In Helsinki | In Case we Die (9/10) (buy it at Insound)
Various Artists | 4 Women No Cry (9/10) (buy it at Amazon)
Eels | Blinking Lights and Other Revelations (9/10) (buy it at Amazon)
Aimee Mann | The Forgotten Arm (9/10) (buy it at Amazon)


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