Portishead have shared their cover of ABBA's "SOS" to their Soundcloud, making it the first time the song has been on a streaming service. (The video for the song, however, has been on YouTube since 2018.) Say the band, "As part of the release of 'SOS,' Portishead and Soundcloud will make a contribution to the UK mental health charity, MIND."

Back in March, Soundcloud announced they were moving to a "fan-powered royalties" system where artists will get paid directly by fans listening to their tracks, as opposed to other streaming services where revenue goes into a pool that is then divvied out based on share of total streams. Portishead supported Soundcloud's new system from the start, writing "This is great news for up-and-coming musicians and artists working outside popular music genres."

Their cover of "SOS" was recorded for the soundtrack of Ben Wheatley's 2016 film adaptation of JG Ballard's High Rise. Listen below.

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