Portishead at Manchester Apollo, April 9, 2008 (shirlaine)

Portishead are playing a show in LA on April 24th (before Coachella) but you have to win tix to get in or something. In related news, the NY Times has a feature on the band in today's paper...

Mr. Barrow is a studio creature who gets no pleasure from performing live. "I've never liked it, and I never will," Mr. Barrow said. "I don't feel any connection between me and the people listening to it. I way prefer to release records and have my connection be like that."

Also, you can now watch that online performance on Current TV or below.....

Current TV presents an exclusive premiere of British trip-hop phenomenon Portishead's studio performance as they unveil seven songs from their new
album "Third" in Portishead, England.

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