Portland residents Dan Byers and Julian Morris make music as Little Star, twinkling guitar pop that owes much to moody early '80s alt (New Order, The Cure, The Smiths), and '90s indie rock. Little Star's new self-titled album, their second, will be out March 24 via Good Cheer Records, and we've got the premiere of "I Just Wanna Lie," which is typical of their style -- where the bass propels things melodically, with Byers' falsetto hovering just above. Listen below.



Little Star - S/T tracklist:
1. Mood
2. Yamaguchi
3. Calming Ritual #1
4. Calming Ritual #2
5. Imbue Yourself With Karen
6. Linda Blair
7. Improv
8. I Just Wanna Lie
9. Annacortes
10. Sonia
11. Blue Horses

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