Portland hardcore band Enact (members of Dying For It, Cutting Through, Blue Monday, and xCauterizex) put out a killer two-song promo last summer, and now they're gearing up to put out their self-titled debut album on May 27 via WAR Records (pre-order). They recently put out lead single "Redefined," and we're now premiering second single "The True Balance," a ripper which takes influence from '80s youth crew bands and melodic hardcore pioneers like Turning Point, and it nails a balance between melody and aggression while delivering a message about the importance of talking about social justice issues as a hardcore band.

"This song is about using the platform that I have within the hardcore scene to talk about social issues," vocalist Rikki Vanderpool tells us. "What we take away from those ideas should resonate with us in our everyday lives and inspire us to educate ourselves, speak out, and take action. The hope is that we can channel that rage into creating something positive. It also touches on the fact that our platform should be used to lift up folks who don’t have the visibility or resources to make up the majority of what we typically see on stage."

Listen to the new song and the previous single below...


1. Redefined
2. The True Balance
3. Positive Experience
4. Healing
5. Bloom Inside
6. Fragile Ego
7. Igby & Etienne
8. Still In Silence


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