Portrayal of Guilt already released one of this year's best heavy albums with We Are Always Alone, and now they've followed it with a split single with Chat Pile, which features one song by each band, with each band's vocalist guesting on the other's song. Portrayal of Guilt's contribution is "Touched By An Angel," a blackened, off-kilter offering of post-hardcore that's just as gripping and genre-defying as anything on their new album. Chat Pile offer up the noise-metal attack of "Brutal Truth," which sounds nothing like Portrayal of Guilt but pairs very well with them. Listen to both tracks below.

Portrayal of Guilt have an upcoming tour with Uniform and Body Void, including NYC's Saint Vitus on October 20 (tickets). They also open one of Code Orange's upcoming shows. All dates here.

Chat Pile recently released a cover of Sepultura's "Roots Bloody Roots" for The Flenser's upcoming nu metal tribute comp.


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